“We played with our hearts” - Argentina’s Dominique Corsaro


"We wanted to be among the best eight teams of the competition and we did it" added Argentina's Corsaro

Rosario, Argentina, August 27, 2017 - After a long celebration with fans and relatives following the win over USA, Argentinean middle-blocker Dominique Corsaro explained the emotional side of the win, while coach Estanislao Vachino also said the team showed enough motivation to achieve this victory.

Dominique Corsaro, Argentina player: “Before the match we had a very good talk between the players, because we were like jinxed, we couldn’t bring ourselves together. Today we played with our hearts for these light-blue and white shirts. We were like somewhere else - we had not won a single set in Rosario until today and we came from a winning streak in Santa Fe, so it was strange for us how things developed here. We wanted to be among the best eight teams of the competition and we did it.”

Estanislao Vachino, Argentina coach: “We’re completely satisfied. Yesterday I left the hall a bit upset because we couldn’t understand Japan is a very good team, and we were out of focus. So today we prepared a lot, we knew we had a rival (USA) with a similar style than ours and I told the girls we had to win, for the people and for ourselves. We didn’t have to settle with just climbing places in the final ranking, we had to win. And the girls understood that; they played more motivated and we could take this match home.”

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Mica Allison, USA player: “We battled at this hard game; it’s been like that for the past weeks and I think we did a good job, there are a lot of good teams in this tournament. We knew we had to work hard if we wanted to get something done. It was a good experience for all of us playing internationally; it was a lot of fun.”

Jim Stone, USA coach: “We wanted to use this experience for the players to get better. I think they learned a lot, they learned you can’t make a lot of mistakes because the other team won’t give you free points. Hopefully, it will be beneficial for them in becoming better volleyball players, smarter, wiser players. I like the fact we got better as the tournament went on; for this group to finish in the final eight is a good result. We are not disappointed on that.”


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