"We must improve tactically" - Korean coach Cho


Korean players pose for a picture after their victory over Serbia.

Santa Fe, Argentina, August 25, 2017 - Despite the victory achieved by Korea against Serbia, coach Wanki Cho remarked that his team must improve some tactical aspects in order to close a match correctly.

Korea won in four sets with good service, but that was not enough, according to Cho as well as Yesol Lee, who admitted there were some mistakes that could not be made.

Lee Yesol, Player of Korea: “Our game wasn't really good. I think we can play better, we could have won it easily, but we made mistakes and the game got complicated. Tomorrow we want to be more concentrated in the game and improve today's difficulty.”

Wanki Cho, Head Coach of Korea: “We played very good in service, we have practiced that, but on other tactical things we weren't so good. We practiced two days about attack and defense positions, but today it didn't work as we expected. Hope tomorrow we can correct that”. 

Barbara Batinic, Player of Serbia: “Korea was better in reception and service, we were without energy and they did things in a good way. I hope we can win tomorrow against Poland. They're a very good team with good players, but I think we can make a good match.”

Jovo Cakovic, Head Coach of Serbia: “I would like to congratulate Korea, today they played really good on every fundamental. Their service, defense, and attack were perfect and they had a very good energy as well. We played without energy, without reception and they were better. Tomorrow is a new day and we need to improve.”


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