“We lowered our guard” admits Dominican star Madeline Guillen


Madeline Guillen shouts filled with joy as her side defeated Poland to reach quarterfinals

Rosario, Argentina, August 23, 2017 - Dominican Republic’s leading scorer Madeline Guillen was in charge of closing the unbelievable match against Poland and she confessed they let their rivals to get back in the game. Meanwhile, setter Hennesys Lalane simply said “I can’t explain it with words”.

Madeline Guillen, Dominican Republic player: “It was a very good game. We were leading 2-0 and then we lowered our guard, so we ended up in the fifth and luckily we could make it there. They adjusted their blocking when we went down, we also lost energy on defence and couldn’t resist them. It was also crucial when their setter (Paulina Zaborowska) got injured as she’s a very talented player, but if God wanted it that way… Our coach told us to stay calm and be patient, waiting for our chance.”

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Hennesys Lalane, Dominican Republic player: “This is huge. I can't explain it with words. Of course we are up to more, I'm convinced that we can go further. We never think that we are less than anybody, so we go out and play no matter who's the rival.”

Alexandre Ceccato, Dominican Republic coach: “To be honest, I think Poland was the favourite team today - they had played better than us on the first round. We didn’t arrive well, but we had some very good two first sets. Then they started serving very well and we found ourselves in the fifth set. The game was totally on their side and I think God helped us a little there. We were lacking of a good game so far and it was this one, our chance to write our history.”


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