“We have nothing else to give” says an ecstatic Enweonwu


"We believe in ourselves" added Italy's Terry Enweonwu, part of the competition's Dream Team

Rosario, Argentina, August 27, 2017 - Italy turned into a torrent of emotions after the second Girls’ U18 World Championship title, and every part of the team stressed precisely that, their teamwork and collective power as keys to the feat.

Ruth Terry Enweonwu, Italy player: “As our coach says: in the end, the winner is the most confident. We left our heart in the field; we have nothing else to give. We know we are strong and we believe in ourselves. I feel I didn't make a good World Championship, I wasn't expecting the individual award, but I want to thank my team for always having my back and supporting me.”

Alessia Populini, Italy captain: “I can't describe all the emotions I'm feeling right now. I didn't imagine what could it feel like, but now I know, and this is the moment. I feel an enormous joy on being the captain of this fantastic team; we showed point after point, set after set and game after game that we are the best team.”

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Marco Mencarelli, Italy coach: “We were the strongest team mentally, the most trained team and the one that played better the important matches, where you win or go home. We are used to play finals; mentally it gives you another type of strength. Now we need to continue growing, we have the U20 World Championship now, where other teams are strong too. If I had to describe this title in just a word, it would be team. This group is truly homogeny, this was truly a team effort and a team result.”

Alexandre Ceccato, Dominican Republic coach: “We were very happy just for being in the final against an amazing team like Italy. And to have been able to fight against them as equals… It’s a great feat for the Dominican Republic. Of course, congratulations to Italy and their great players. It was a very difficult match for us and we played well. We have many nice feelings after this World Championship, it has been great for us. The girls were sad at first, but they understood this second place is more than deserved and should be celebrated.”


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