“We found our best shape” - Colombia’s Olaya


Colombian players came back in the fourth set to claim the victory over Slovenia.

Santa Fe, Argentina, August 26, 2017 - Despite some insecurity and struggle in the first set, Colombia found the way to get back in the match and grabbed an important victory over Slovenia after one hour and 48 minutes of game time.

Meanwhile, for the coach of Colombia, Brazilian Antonio Rizola, who has plenty of experience in leading National teams in age group World championships there are a lot of very good things to achieve and some others to adjust as part of there players’ learning process.

Ana Karina Olaya, Player of Colombia: “We started a bit insecure, but then we found our best shape and played very good. Thank God we got the victory. I felt pretty good today, gave everything on me, but hopefully, I can give always more to the team. Now we only think about winning the last game.”

Antonio Rizola, Head Coach of Colombia: “Slovenia was just a difficult rival with more experience than us, they played very well and changed some players from the team that played yesterday- That's why we needed some time to adjust our game, but once we did it, we won. I think it's normal to commit mistakes as we did because of the lack of experience we have. I really enjoy the game because we fight back and our attitude was excellent. We used the experience of the other games to win this one. Tomorrow we will fight for the 13th place, that means too much for Colombia on its first experience.”

Eva Zatkovic, Player of Slovenia: “I think the game wasn't as good as it should be. We didn't play very well because we didn't have enough energy on our team. Some things were good, but we did too many mistakes and that was the result of the game. I'm happy because I played, but I think I didn't play as I wanted so I feel a little bit sad at last.”

Joze Casar, Head Coach of Slovenia: “We gave the chance to some players that weren't playing that much and they did it pretty well. Of course, we had things to improve, we committed mistakes, but it's okay, they're still so young so I'm satisfied. They're developing for the next generation, so this experience is so important so they can make a spot in the future. We will have a tough game tomorrow, but we will do our best to end the tournament with a win.”


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