“We can learn a lot from Asian volleyball” - Poland’s Rafal Gasior


Polish coach Gasior also stated the team "never thought the match to be easy"

Rosario, Argentina, August 19, 2017 - The intense fight presented by Thailand against Poland didn’t pass unnoticed for coach Rafal Gasior, who declared to be an admirer of that kind of volleyball. Meanwhile, Thai coach Jarun Niemtuptim was also pleased with the match despite the final result.

Rafal Gasior, Poland coach: “We never thought the match to be easy, so we expected this kind of performance from Thailand. They play a style of volleyball which we are not used to play against; they move a lot and for European teams is hard to deal with that. We can learn a lot from Asian volleyball, especially in defence; Japan showed us that they can play in superb level without tall players. The most important thing today was that we could alternate our players and all of them played at a good level.”

Oliwia Baluk, Poland captain: “It was a more complicated game than the one we played yesterday; it was the first time we played against such a small team and we could do it nice, it's important. Our coach told us not to jump very high and to put more emphasis in the direction of our hands so we could avoid their precise spikes; that was our main purpose today.”

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Jarun Niemtuptim, Thailand coach: “Today we did well even with the loss. The physical condition of my girls was better and they could bring to light their talent to play against a strong team like Poland. At the second set we had our opportunity and we took it, we showed confidence but at the same time we can improve even more on that area. We know we have skills and tactics, we just need more international matches like this one today.”


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