“We are dreaming big,” admits Italy’s Rachele Morello


"We still need to improve some small details" explained Rachele Morello from Italy

Rosario, Argentina, August 21, 2017 - Besides pointing out the team knew how to stay together and survive the tough moments of the game, Italian setter Rachele Morello also was satisfied about how all players had their time on court against Colombia as it will be important for their future in the competition.

Rachele Morello, Italy player: “I think that even in the moments of difficulty, we knew how to stay together; the strength of the team won today. I'm happy with our performance as we could use some of the reserve players and they did it great; that is something to be happy about. We still need to improve some small details; we are dreaming big and are hoping that all the effort we make will bring results.”

Marco Mencarelli, Italy coach: “We played a little less aggressively because we wanted to lower the amount of mistakes regarding yesterday's match; we achieved our goal but we made it easier for them to play, and they did it quite well too. We lost some of the tactical order we have prepared with the development of the game and that made us to loss the focus a little. However, I'm quite satisfied with the team's performance.”

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Angie Velásquez, Colombia player: “Italy is a strong team. We had our hopes but it wasn’t until the third set when we proved what we can do. We must keep looking forward and stay focused - we have our low moments and that’s when we lose. They are more experienced anyway, but if we do it well I think we can play against anyone.”

Antonio Rizola, Colombia coach: “The team was nervous today about facing the current World Champions. We know about the strength of Italy and that they are here to fight for the gold medal, while we don’t have that much experience. On the first two sets we respected them too much, then we adjusted on serve and block and we did some good things. We showed on the third set we can play and I would be happier if we had done that on the entire match.”


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