Tough but motivating home opener for Vachino


Estanislao Matias Vachino, head coach of Argentina, talks to his players during a timeout. Argentina grabbed a 3-1 victory over Germany in their home opener in Santa Fe.

Santa Fe, Argentina, August 18, 2017 - Argentinean coach Estasnislao Vachino admitted that playing in front of a huge crowd at home is not an easy thing to do and more when facing a tough rival with a lot of potencial like Germany.

Estanislao Vachino Head Coach of Argentina: “We knew the spectators were going to be with us, but is always difficult to play in front of so many people when you're not used to it. It was also the beginning of the World Championship at home for the very first time in history against a difficult rival with so much potential as Germany. We did all we planned and now we have to enjoy a bit and start the recuperation for tomorrow”.

Pilar Cina, Captain of Argentina: “For us the World Championship was always a dream and we were really expecting it. You know, the previous days we were so excited and trying to focus on our rival, that is one of the most difficult of the Pool, that's why we're so happy for winning the game”. 

Jens Tietböhl Head Coach of Germany: “Congratulations for Argentina, they did a very good match and we enjoy a really nice atmosphere. On the second and the third sets we played, but committed too many mistakes on reception and service. I hope tomorrow we can correct those things”.

Emma Cyris, Captain of Germany: “They played very good and even we didn't think it was going to be an easy match, they had good service and we committed mistakes in reception. I think it wasn't a good match for us, but tomorrow we will try to play our best volleyball”.


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