“This tournament has strengthened us” - Serbia’s Glusac.


Miljana Glusac of Serbia prepares to serve against Colombia

Santa Fe, Argentina, August 27, 2017 - The FIVB Girls’ U18 World Championship has been a special experience for Serbian players like Miljana Glusac, who closed with 13 points against Colombia.

This tournament has been an opportunity to play against teams with a different style of game than European squads that they continuously face in competitions held on their continent.
Miljana Glusac, Player of Serbia: “I feel good now that we got the 13th place and I'm also happy with the way we played today's match. It's important to finish the tournament with a win, but we were supposed to be better. It was a big experience for us, it strengthens us to play against totally different volleyball than in Europe.”

Milan Milosevic, Assistant Coach of Serbia: “I think it was a successful match, we controlled the game from the first set, we had good serve and we tried to get the victory on this tournament's ending. We wanted to make a good story about this World Championship and we gave the best we had. It's an important experience for all this girls with a good future. They need to work a lot because they're still very young.”

Valerin Carabali, Player of Colombia): “I think we played a good match today even we didn't win. We're happy with this new experience and for having the chance of playing this World Championship. Hopefully it will be only the first of many others. It was very good to face different type of games where you can learn a lot. I'm glad because we gave it all during all the tournament.”

Antonio Rizola, Head Coach of Colombia: “I think the most important is the project that this experience in the World Championship has started. He have to keep on working and improving, taking the best of this opportunity that we had of facing several teams that we usually don't play against. Now we have to prepare for our following challenges, but I'm sure this was just the beginning of a very good story.”


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