“This is a process to learn and grow” - Thomas


Brazilian coach Mauricio Thomas talks to his players during a timeout.

Santa Fe, Argentina, August 25, 2017 - Brazilian coach Mauricio Thomas stated that tournament has become a part of a big learning and growing process, his team faced a great rival like Poland with a very strong volleyball school with great performances in the first phase of the tournament. 

Mauricio Thomas, Head Coach of Brazil: “Poland is a great team and has one of the stronger volleyball schools. They played a good first round and had amazing games against the Dominican Republic and Italy, and we knew it was going to be a hard game. We want to fight to put Brazil in the best possible place now. We knew this tournament has a really high level and our players are young, they don't have much experience and I think this is a process where they need to learn to grow and continue their careers at the National Team. That's the most important thing.”

Kenya Malachias, Captain of Brazil: “We felt relief after this victory. It was great to win again and also because we could show our game, we enjoy and got the victory. We didn't have anything to lose, so we gave everything and finally smile.” 

Rafael Gasior, Head Coach of Poland: “I want to congratulate Brazil because they played very well and they got the victory. We had an injury last game, our second setter wasn't available to play today, and that complicated some things to us. It was a quite difficult game.”

Oliwia Baluk, Player of Poland: “I think we started well, but then Brazil played better and they finally won. I don't think the trip had some influence in our performance, we had a bad day and now we have to prepare ourselves for the following games.”


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