The long run is what matters for both Germany and USA


USA's Nicklin Hames struggles at the net against Lina Alsmeier from Germany

Rosario, Argentina, August 26, 2017 - After finishing triumphant over the USA, Germany coach Jens Tietbohl and top scorer Lina Alsmeier agreed that their main goal is to compete and grow, thinking on the future and the road to the senior team. It was the same for USA’s Nicklin Hames and coach Jim Stone, as they are a young group which is gathering experience.

Lina Alsmeier, Germany player: “We played very well today; our reception was a little bit broken sometimes, but we gave all we had and had a quite acceptable match in attack. Our mental strength and team union are our best attributes; we are not the best squad individually, but as a team is a different thing. We are training to get to the main team, we never play for the result; what's important is our future in the first German NT”

Jens Tietbohl, Germany coach: “Our service and concentration were the keys for today's win. Regardless of the result, what we aim is to give the players the experience of competing in a World Championship for their best evolution. We are a disciplined team, we are strong in block/defence; what we need to do is to have less respect for the other teams.”

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Nicklin Hames, USA player: “We didn’t pass that well today; our ball control went down on this last couple of games. We just made way too many errors. The first game here we were clean, didn’t make a lot of errors, but these last ones we made a ton of them and that killed us. We’re trying to get better; we’re still young and it’s the first time internationally for many of us, so this has been a really good learning experience for us.”

Jim Stone, USA coach: “Germany served very well and we didn’t pass, which has been our Achilles’ heel the entire tournament. In the third and fourth we were always out of system, always giving four attacks back. They played better than we did. We are getting better, but we knew when coming in here that we were going to be chasing teams; we were hoping to improve as the tournament went on and we have, so to get to the final eight teams it’s a good thing for us. We’re not ready for Italy, we’re not ready for Germany yet and that’s OK, it’s part of the process.”


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