Thai team is now more compact and confident after a couple of wins


Piyarat Buddawong watches her teammates receiving against Mexico

Rosario, Argentina, August 25, 2017 - Thailand coach Jarun Niemtuptim showed his satisfaction for the way his players communicated during the game against Mexico, while top scorer Piyarat Buddawong underlined the amount of confidence they have now.

Piyarat Buddawong, Thailand player: “I really appreciate how each one of us helped each other through the games. We are more confident now and that’s why we could defeat Mexico today. This result can be important for us to keep improving for next challenges, such as the Juniors stage.”

Jarun Niemtuptim, Thailand coach: “I’m glad because now the communication between the players is quite better. As we’re playing very far from home, we have flown over many time zones and day by day we’re adjusting ourselves as a team. As this is a World Championship, to be at the 17th place would be OK for us, but I think the girls can do even better.”

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Melanie Parra Quintero, Mexico player: “We played well despite the 3-0 loss. We could serve well at moments as well as attack; we should have been better on defence though. Thailand moved the ball a lot and it was hard for us to prepare for their spikes. Now we hope to win against China, it won’t be easy but I’m confident we can do it.”

Ricardo Naranjo, Mexico coach: “After the last matches we had a nice rhythm, with ups and downs but always very focused. I think our serve wasn’t up to our expectations and maybe we would have needed a bit more energy and attitude. On the other hand, Thailand played with a very low error rate, they waited for us to fail and that costed us the game.”


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