"Teams are really close in the tournament" - Slovenia's coach Casar remarks


Slovenian Coach Joze Casar talks in the Mixed Zone after his team victory over Poland in Santa Fe.

Santa Fe, Argentina, August 27, 2017 - Slovenian head coach Joze Casar admitted that teams played very close matches during the tournament that concluded on Sunday with the Classification rounds in Santa Fe and Medals’ matches in Rosario.

Casar recognized the quality of opponents and how important is to get back home with a victory.

Joze Casar, Head Coach of Slovenia: “It's important to go back home with a victory. We weren't good in the first two sets, we started with players that doesn't play too much before, but then we returned to our starting team and they played really good. Teams are really close in the tournament; Poland lost 3-2 against the finalist and we probed today that we can play against any team at top level and give our best. This young volleyball players playing at this level make me happy for the team and also for Slovenia.”

Manja Jerala, Player of Slovenia: “It was an awesome game, we really wanted to win but in the first sets we didn't play as we expected. Hopefully our team came back, the serve was better, our minds were set up and we win. It was a great opportunity to our country and our team, I think we will remember this until the end of our days. Maybe next time we will do it better, but for being the first experience this is a great result and we're very happy.”

Rafal Gasior, Head Coach of Poland: “We're still playing with some players injured and that affected our performance today. I think Poland had a very good beginning of the tournament so we could separate our championship in two parts: the first in Rosario were we won three matches and lost two in tie break against Italy and Dominican Republic, the finalist of the championship. We didn't have luck in some parts of the tournament and here in Santa Fe we suffered the absence of some players.”


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