Resilience defined Korean attitude


Members of the Korean team pose for a picture after their winning match against Germany on Tuesday celebrated at the National Technological University Stadium in Santa Fe.

Santa Fe, Argentina, August 22, 2017 - When everything seemed to be lost, players of Korea stood up and got back on track. For head coach Wanki Cho it was a hard moment, but in the third set conditions improved and went from minus to more. 

Juah Lee recovered from and injury she suffered previously in the tournament and contributed with 10 points for the Asian team with a sweet comeback. 

Wanki Cho, Head Coach of Korea: “Germany played very well on the first and second set, so it was hard to us to play. At third our conditions went high and I'm really glad we maintained the level in the rest of the game. For tomorrow's game we will have to play well in service and reception, they have tall players so our defense needs to be good too.”

Juah Lee, Player of Korea: “I got my ankle injured during a game and the doctor took care of me so I can be back on the court as soon as possible. I feel really happy to be back and for this victory. We will have to play well tomorrow.” 

Jens Tietböhl Head Coach of Germany: “We played a good game today, maybe we have some problems with the easy balls, but we're happy with the way we did it. Now we need to prepare for tomorrow's game, this is a very hard tournament. We don't have much time, we need to analyze our opponent and mostly, concentrate on our game.”

Lina Alsmeier, Player of Germany: “I think we lost out aggressiveness throughout the game. On the third set we played a little bit down and maybe we thought the match was easy to win, and then Korea was very well. They fought and play really fast, we couldn't close it. Now we will have a a really hard match on the eight finals.”


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