Poland put Italy in real trouble according to coach Mencarelli


Italian blockers dealing with Polish captain Baluk as the white and red team made the defending champions sweat

Rosario, Argentina, August 20, 2017 - After an exhausting five-set battle, Italian coach Marco Mencarelli gave credit to the “very organised and well-oiled” team of Poland, while Polish coach Rafal Gasior stressed it was “a good match from both teams.”

Marco Mencarelli, Italy coach: “We weren’t humble today. We felt the ‘ear tug’ by a very organised and well-oiled Polish team who put us in real trouble. They merited everything they did well, and deserve the point they got. We were good in the 2nd and 3rd set, gaining confidence and continuity in our game, and I’m naturally happy for that; for us it was very important to win, but we need to learn the lesson and play the other matches of this World Championship since the beginning.”

Alessia Populini, Italy captain: “It was a hard game since the beginning, we faced some difficult moments throughout it but as the game went on we could find solutions to those situations. We are focused on thinking game by game, day after day. We still haven’t gave shape to our final goal, we are living the moment and this new experience is very exciting for us.”

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Rafal Gasior, Poland coach: “We are happy for having played such a good game against a very strong opponent like Italy. It was a good match from both teams, we are happy that the audience witnessed a nice volleyball show. Italy served very well in some moments, and when they didn’t we could make the difference.”

Zuzanna Gorecka, Poland player: “It was a hard game and although the finish wasn’t the one we wanted, we did play well. I’m really looking forward to facing them again. The audience was great, they gave us energy; we have never played with such a beautiful ambience before.”


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