Mistakes were essential for the result between Italy and Peru


Sarah Luisa Fahr, Italy's top blocker against Peru, warned they "can still be more aggressive"

Rosario, Argentina, August 23, 2017 - Both player Sarah Luisa Fahr and coach Marco Mencarelli referred to Italy’s mistakes when analysing the game against Peru, and also Flavia Montes and coach Marco Queiroga explained the match through their errors at some key moments of it.

Sarah Luisa Fahr, Italy player: “We are glad with how we played today, we didn't make many mistakes and the final result is a consequence of that. We can still be more aggressive and more united so the team can make the difference. Our best attribute is the attack, so if we improve the reception we could be even better in the offensive phase.”

Marco Mencarelli, Italy coach: “We played a good match; the equity of the beginning of the first and third set was due to our mistakes so as soon as we managed to erase them, we could be more incisive and get away with the victory.”

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Flavia Montes, Peru captain: “Italy is not only strong and spirited but also is one of the undefeated teams here, but anyway we entered the court aiming to win and we never stopped trying. Since yesterday we were preparing for this, we were confident we could do it. We still need to polish some things and if we do it we can do a lot better. We had some mistakes that brought us down and it affected our confidence.”

Marco Queiroga, Peru coach: “It was a complicated game against one of the most powerful teams in the world, with a very high level. We did well with our tactics, but we lacked experience to make use of the moments we had and all of the sudden we gave them the calm needed to play this game. That first set could have changed the outcome of the match. We blocked very well but then they broke us and won the sets. Anyway, I’m happy with the way the girls played, enjoying the match and gaining experience.”


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