Italy’s coach Mencarelli: “Our road is a long one”


Coach Mencarelli was pleased with how the team kept the pressure from the service line the whole game

Rosario, Argentina, August 25, 2017 - After making it into FIVB Volleyball Girls’ U18 World Championship semifinals, coach Marco Mencarelli left clear Italy still have a long way to go. Meanwhile, captain Alessia Populini explained “the will to win and the team union are untouchables”.

Marco Mencarelli, Italy coach: “We played a good game. We had continuity, we could always put pressure with our service, as we usually do, but today we could maintain it the whole game. That made the difference; we made it hard for them to side out. Our road is a long one, it doesn't end here: one point at a time, one set at a time and one match at a time.”

Alessia Populini, Italy captain: “We played pretty well, but for sure we can do it better. Our main goal is to reduce as much as we can the error margin, knowing that our aggressive play is prone to errors. We can improve everything, but the will to win and the team union are untouchables.”

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Brooke Nuneviller, USA libero: “Italy is one of the best teams in the tournament, if not the best. If we want to be like that we have to play our best, together as a team, and at first we were playing more individually instead that as a team, so we need to work really hard to be like that. I definitely think we could have played better, but you have to make things perfect against a rival like Italy.”

Jim Stone, USA coach: “We knew that Italy was probably better than we were, and we were going to have to play a great match to compete, and we didn’t play a great match. Italy is better than we are right now; we had some individuals that fought hard but we are just not up to their level. They are much more physical, they are higher on the net and they are more experienced. Besides our girls were on this environment for the first time, so they were nervous too.”


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