Italian coach Mencarelli pleased with the “fluent” game of his girls


Coach Mencarelli also praised the "lots of high points" Italy have and showed against Serbia

Rosario, Argentina, August 19, 2017 - The convincing display of Italy against Serbia made coach Marco Mencarelli satisfied with the performance of the team, although he warned that they didn’t play as good as they can.

Marco Mencarelli, Italy coach: “My team has lots of high points, but today we didn't play as good as we can. Serbia didn't put as much pressure with their serve as we thought they would, and that made our game more fluent. This tournament has really good teams, but at this age, the teams sometimes play fantastic matches and sometimes they do it not so good, it's normal.”

Elena Pietrini, Italy player: “We gave everything we had to give to win; we were truly a team in the most difficult moments of the game and that union gave us strength. Marco (Head Coach) helped us when we were not playing well. We played well, but this is a long tournament and we have to go step by step.”

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Jovo Cakovic, Serbia coach: “Italy is one of the favourites here, they’re a very good team and they’re just better than us in every position. We must look for a victory on next matches and I’m confident we can make it into the next round. Poland is our next target, we will prepare for playing against them hoping we can get the result we want.”

Sara Caric, Serbia player: “They’re a very good team, we have played against them before and we knew that. They served well; they brought a lot of challenges to us. They outplayed us in every department. Last time we played against them we made it into the fifth set, it was a different game than today; I feel like we showed less willpower. We made many mistakes we never make and it messed us up a bit.”


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