“It was an Unbelievable night for us”- Meinardi


Argentina's Sofia Meinardi addresses the media in the Mixed Zone after the victory of her team over Brazil on Wednesday in Santa Fe. Meinardi scored 21 points

Santa Fe, Argentina, August 23, 2017 - A magical moment came on to the court when players of Argentina were introduced before their match against Brazil. 

More than 4000 persons cheered for the host team that despite some struggle in the first set, got back in the game and played so fiercely and proudly versus a great opponent that they knew very well.

For Sofia Meinardi, who scored 21 points in this match, a big effort got its worth. On the Brazilian side, there was nothing but silence.

Sofia Meinardi, Player of Argentina: “It was an unbelievable night for us, we have been working a lot for this, we have made a big effort and tonight we gave everything we had to win. I'm extraordinarily happy, I always dreamt about this and I always trained myself to be here. With all the effort we have done, tonight we could get benefit of that." 

Estanislao Vachino, Head Coach of Argentina: “I feel so happy that I can't even explain it. I'm flying, a few days before we talked to Luciano De Cecco and he told us that not everyday you beat Brazil, and I think that was so motivating for our girls. We knew that we could do it, that we were playing better, but they're still Brazil. I think we gave them the first set, because we committed too many mistakes, but then we lowered our error level and we recovered in an incredible second set. From then on, we dominated so we're so happy. Now everything can happen because our motivation is so high."


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