“I really liked our defense”- Brazilian coach Thomas

Santa Fe, Argentina, August 26, 2017 - Brazilian coach Mauricio Thomas recognized the defensive effort made by his team after a victory in straight sets over Korea.

Thomas praised the Asian’s enthusiasm and good vibe showed during the tournament so patience had to be a very determinant element for the South American team in order to grab the win.

Mauricio Thomas, Head Coach of Brazil: “Korea played an amazing game yesterday against Serbia with volume of game and good service. We were worried about how our team would react, but I asked them to be patient and get concentrated on the defense. Today we played an excellent match, we served well and counterattacked. I really liked the way we defended.” 

Maria Clara Richa Villarinho, Player of Brazil: “I’m happy because of the victory and because we wanted to reach the best possible position now. Tomorrow we have a great and hard game against Belarus so we can end happily. The team went through difficult situations, but now we have grown during the competition. We hope we can win tomorrow.”

Wink Cho, Coach of Korea: “I have no comments about this. This was a tough night and I’d rather talk with my players very closely about tonight’s match.”


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