“Happy and confident, looking for another triumph” - Belarus’ Shuplak


Belarussian players celebrate their victory over Colombia in the match of classification round for places 9 to 16.

Santa Fe, Argentina, August 25, 2017 - After a surprising first phase of the tournament and despite being out of the top eight contenders, Belarusian volleyball has projected a special style in this tournament. 

Belarus´Libero Lizaveta Shupliak mentioned that there is a good vibe in the team as they look for another victory and close among the top nine.

Lizaveta Shupliak, Player of Belarus: “I’m very happy because my team got the victory. We hope tomorrow we can repeat and play a good match, we will be preparing it. We really want to get another triumph on our next game.”

Darlevis Mosquera, Player of Colombia: “Today we didn't show attitude. It was a match that we could have won, but we didn't do the necessary. We hope tomorrow we can show our best level and give everything we have.”

Antonio Rizola, Head Coach of Colombia: “Belarus is such a hard team and they have everything to be among the best eight teams in the world. My team respected that too much and we didn't play today. The inexperience and mental debility of the team were shown today. We need to be patient now, we have to prepare for our next game because there's a lot to keep improving and growing.”


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