German victory: a big tactical challenge


Lina Alsmeier digs for a ball during the match against Belarus in Santa Fe.

Santa Fe, Argentina, August 23, 2017 - For German head coach Jens Tiethböl the victory over Belarus was a tactical challenge that gave them the chance to be among the top eight teams thanks to their block and defense. 

Germany came from minus to more since the beginning of the tournament and despite closing a tiebreaker lost in the last match of Pool Phase, against Korea, are still alive and fighting. 

Jens Tietböhl, Head Coach of Germany: “The game was really tactical but our block and defense system was really good and at the end it was the key. For us it was really hard, we needed to play well against the good and tall Belarus spikers. For us this mean a really big success to be among the best eight teams in the world and tomorrow we will got to Rosario to face a new rival and it will be a new challenge.”

Linda Bock, Player of Germany: “We never gave up and it was a real fight. It was really important we could win. In my opinion our serve and defense worked very well today. I'm very happy and now we will look forward keep growing in our game on this World Championship.” 

Hanna Hryshkevich, Player of Belarus: “The World Championship is a great experience for us, but it wasn't a good day today. Our team committed so many mistakes and we finally lost. We have to keep fighting now.”

Natallia Melianiuk, Head Coach of Belarus: “We made a partial comeback, but it wasn't enough. We really wanted to win, it was a very important set and we needed to play better. This is not a good experience for us, but we will do the best to get as high as possible now.”


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