For Turkey, the tournament starts with the next round


Captain Ilkin Aydin also left clear Turkey wanted "to finish the first round in the first position"

Rosario, Argentina, August 22, 2017 - While Turkey coach Sahin Catma explained the real deal of the competition for them has arrived with the eight finals, captain Ilkin Aydin confessed the girls now “dream on winning the championship”.

Sahin Catma, Turkey coach: “This tournament is not only the first part - for us, it starts right now. Now we are waiting to know who we will face in the next round; it doesn't matter which team we will be facing as we consider all of them important. If we want to go a step further, we need to keep our volleyball at a high level.”

Ilkin Aydin, Turkey captain: “It was an important game, we wanted to finish the first round in the first position; we played really well and did a good job during the match. I want to congratulate my team as this game was a good experience for us. In terms of defence and attack we are a good team, so we combine these two aspects to conform a good team. Now we dream on winning the championship.”

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Kiara Montes, Peru player: “Against Japan and Dominican Republic we gave away the match. With Dominican Republic it was like we didn’t want to win; we had the game in our hands and gave it to them. We improved against China, but today we entered with our heads down; the first set showed us we had a chance to win but things weren’t the way we wanted.”

Marco Queiroga, Peru coach: “We are still lacking on finishing the points at some moments. We can go much further than where we are now, considering we played well against an exceptional team as Japan, we were the dominating side against Dominican Republic but with those problems to close the points, we won against China and today we showed a lot of respect for Turkey as they did towards us. All these speaks well of Peruvian volleyball. We still don’t have enough experience, but this has to be a way of getting ready for the hard match we will have tomorrow.”


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