“Every player did what had to be done” - Turkey’s coach Catma


"It's normal to lose some of the concentration at this age", explained Sahin Catma from Turkey

Rosario, Argentina, August 25, 2017 - Besides crediting his players for sticking to the game plan, Turkey coach Sahin Catma also praised the way the girls got back into the game after losing their center and letting Germany to get closer and present a fight.

Sahin Catma, Turkey coach: “I think at this age is normal to lose some of the concentration during the game and that’s what happened on the third set. The important thing is how we came back again to lead the game, to the dominating position. We all know that we had to win to be in the semifinals and we fought until the end for that. We regained our order and every player did what they had to do during the game.”

Ebrar Karakurt, Turkey player: “I am so proud of my teammates because we are doing a great job, we are fighting a lot and I’m very excited with our attitude. During the last set we thought it was over and we lost our focus, but we started fighting again and we did our best to win the game. This is a show for me, I love to feel the support of the people and I can hardly find words to describe this. I cannot be a cold player, I like to play aggressively and maybe that’s why people cheer for me.”

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Emma Cyris, Germany captain: “Turkey play very good volleyball, they are strong and we come from a different hall as the one in Santa Fe so it took time for us to adapt. Anyway, we played well at some moments and I feel it has been a good match. There’s no other reason than their strength. I feel very positive about the next matches.”

Jens Tietbohl, Germany coach: “It was not easy for us to deal with the really good hitters from Turkey and so we were under pressure and ended up committing a lot of errors, on service and attack. We are not precisely happy, but we do feel OK with our moments against such a great team.”


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