Energy and enthusiasm brought the key to Peruvian victory


Peruvian players celebrate after a point scored against Slovenia.

Santa Fe, Argentina, August 2, 2017 - The Peruvian victory over Slovenia was based on the performance of two players: Flavia and Kiara Montes, who scored 15 points apiece and led the South American team to secure a “W” in the Pool H match of classification round for places 9th to 16th. Kiara Montes shared her thoughts after te match that lasted 1 hour and 49 minutes.

Kiara Montes, Player of Peru: “I think today we played with a lot of energy, in some moments we didn't play well, but we knew how to recover and we had a good attitude, that's an important point for us. I feel happy because of the victory and also with my performance. Being an outside hitter is not easy, but our coach gives me confidence and that's important for me.”

Marco Queiroga, Head Coach of Peru: “We ended in a very good way, maybe at first we suffered the mental and physical wear, but this are games that any team wants to play. Anyway we need to take our responsibility and we did it. Sometimes losing one set can be really dangerous, and the third one was very important. Hopefully we won it. The match was hard, but we want to get as high as possible so our objective is to win the matches that follow.” 

Tonka Pucnik, Player of Slovenia: “I think we were really comfortable at the beginning of the game, but then we had some problems in reception. Peru played very well and they fought a lot. We tried also and I'm proud of my team, we gave everything, but today it wasn't enough. I think we can play better in the following games.”

Joze Casar, Head Coach of Slovenia: “We had a good start, but then we got struggled. Even in the set we won, we almost did it by accident. We gave up fighting, we did what we could. Maybe we didn't play on our 100% and it wasn't enough to beat them. They played well, they were good in defense and on the organization of the game, so they won. We should get better and fitter to get the best position possible now.”


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