Dominican Republic coach Ceccato says they “have to keep dreaming”


Coach Alexandre Ceccato said "Argentina felt the pressure of playing in front of such a big crowd"

Rosario, Argentina, August 25, 2017 - Despite being among the best eight teams of the competition was already a fantastic thing for them, now Dominican Republic took another step and coach Alexandre Ceccato wants the girls to continue their hopes. Besides, he and player Yanlis Feliz expressed the pressure of the full hall brought down the home team.

Alexandre Ceccato, Dominican Republic coach: “The team played well, but I think Argentina felt the pressure of playing in front of such a big crowd. They were a little below of their usual level and that helped us. We planned on starting the game strongly and it was the opposite, but we could change during the match and improve. To arrive here was already a dream, but now we have to keep dreaming. We know Russia is the favourite team tomorrow, but we will try our best. The girls are ready to do it.”

Yanlis Feliz, Dominican Republic player: “To be honest, we expected a bit more from Argentina today. We know they can play well, but we just were better today. We didn’t feel the pressure, it was the complete opposite - when we play in a full house, we do it even better. We still have a long way to go, but we are hoping for the best; we will battle for what we all want.”

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Angeles Ligorria, Argentina player: “We did everything we could to win; the preparation was the correct one. Now it’s difficult to analyse the match, but we will try to stay positive and learn from this experience. Personally, I think I could have played better; I didn’t know what else to do. If we have won that first set, the match would have been totally different. It’s not the same to finish 5th than 8th, so I hope we don’t stop playing - we will go for it.”

Estanislao Vachino, Argentina coach: “We knew it would be hard; we had it all planned and until the last moments of the first set, we were playing just right.  After that, our mistakes and their own virtues made them superior. We have fine players, but today we couldn’t manage the crowd. We have played a fantastic tournament; if I was told a few months ago that we would play quarterfinals without losing any matches, I would have signed on that with no doubts. We have nothing to regret.”


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