Despite the score, this was not an easy win for Casar


Nika Bavdaz and Eva Pogacar join in a celebration during match against Cuba.

Santa Fe, Argentina, August 20, 2017 - Slovenian head coach Joze Casar remarked that playing against team like Cuba is always a big challenge. The 3-0 result looked like something easy but the scores were not a direct reflection about the things that really happened on court.

Joze Casar, Head Coach of Slovenia: “The score makes it seem it was an easy game, but it wasn't at all. We talked about our yesterday's game and fortunately we played better on service. We controlled our reception, block and attack, and got benefits of their mistakes. I would like to thank my assistants because they're working a lot from behind and doing a great job. Our next step is to defeat Germany tomorrow. They know us and it will be an European derby, but we want to finish as high as possible in the group, so we want another win tomorrow.”

Tali Lekse, Player of Slovenia: “I’m really proud of my team because we gave the best of us and we got an important victory against Cuba, a great squad. We were really well prepared for today's game; we have better reception than yesterday and we made less mistakes. We're really enjoying Argentina, it's an amazing country and people is very nice too.”

Tomas Fernandez Arte, Head Coach of Cuba: “Slovenia stole us the initiative on the service, they damaged us and didn't let us receive. We couldn't play our game and the girls were not nervous today, the one who was nervous was me. Slovenia didn't let us play. I'm worried about my team, we need to play despite who is in front of us.”

Ailama Cese Montalvo, Player of Cuba: “Slovenia hurt us with their service and we committed too many mistakes in reception. The game was gone also in attack, we weren't efficent there neither in the service. For the following games we have to work with our service and block and commit less errors. I hope we can improve for our next game.”


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