Defending like Thailand, the key for Colombia coach Rizola


Coach Rizola showed satisfaction about the way they prepared and executed the game plan

Rosario, Argentina, August 20, 2017 - At their first time facing an Asian team, Colombia grabbed the win and coach Antonio Rizola found in defence the reason for the result, as they had to be ready for a hard struggle on that department against Thailand.

Antonio Rizola, Colombia coach: “It’s the first time for Colombia at a World Championship for this age-group and these players have only played a handful of international matches. Our goal here is to give the girls this kind of experience - against Poland it was the first time they played against European team and today it was the same with an Asian team. The key today was how we prepared the match, we leveled them on defence and there we could make a difference with our more powerful attack.”

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Ana Karina Olaya, Colombia player: “We were very static in our first match, we couldn’t get loose and play like we know. Today we were more relaxed and that allowed us to win 3-0. Personally, I could receive and serve better so I’m happy about my performance as well.”

Jarun Niemtuptim, Thailand coach: “Before the game we believed we could win and that maybe put some extra pressure on our players. I think that's why they didn't play so well. Despite the defeat, the girls showed a very nice attitude and enjoyed playing, that is a characteristic of our people; we are happy with the crowd, they show us a lot of affection, but unluckily we need to focus on our game.”


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