Cuba changed their attitude to earn first win, says captain Vicet


"We tried to control our mistakes and give our best" further explained Cuba's Vicet

Rosario, Argentina, August 25, 2017 - Cuban captain Elizabeth Vicet credited the emotional side of her team to prevail over “a very defensive team” as Thailand, but at the same time she recognised they must work harder to do better in upcoming tournaments.

Elizabeth Vicet, Cuba captain: “Thailand is a very defensive team, they dig and receive very well, so we were focused on dealing with that to go home with a win. We tried to control our mistakes and give our best, and the win finally came. We changed our attitude for this result, because we did better on that we could show our desire to win. We know our final placement is not the best nor the one we wanted, so even with this victory we are aware we need to keep improving for the next competitions.”

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Tomás Fernandez, Cuba coach: “We did many mistakes; when you play against a very fast team, you need to do well on reception and attack. If you don’t, things get very difficult for you. At moments, I didn’t see the girls bright enough on that, but they played with more spirit, they helped the opponent less and there we had the key to the win.”

Jarun Niemtuptim, Thailand coach: “We’re happy because we upgraded our campaign from two years ago. The goal of this team was to make it into the best 16 of the tournament, and although we couldn’t do it we are satisfied with some improvements. Our senior team works a lot with combination attacks and that was one of the things we had to work on with these girls, as well as some tactical aspects. We want these things to be transferred into something good for our first national team.”


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