Coach Ceccato trusts Dominican Republic will put a fight on next round


Coach Ceccato also explained "China still need development" as a reason for the result of his side

Rosario, Argentina, August 22, 2017 - Having qualified for the next stage in the championship race, Dominican Republic can now look forward to what’s ahead of them and coach Alexandre Ceccato, despite being aware of the hard task they will have, showed confidence on her players.

Alexandre Ceccato, Dominican Republic coach: “China still need development and I think we could take advantage of that. We had two great first sets and had more mistakes on the third, but the analysis of the game is still a very good one. We are very happy about getting the third place of the pool, but we know our next rival will be a very difficult one. However, we know we will try to put a fight.”

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Yaneirys Rodríguez, Dominican Republic player: “The whole team played well today, our performance was very good. We only went down a little bit on the third set, maybe we were over confident, but fortunately we could win it on time. We faced some great teams so far, like Turkey, and now we’ll see what happens on the next round. We know it will be a challenge.”

Xu Jiande, China coach: “We tried to play better than yesterday, but the players are not strong enough yet. In this level, you need to spike stronger to win, and we couldn't do it in any moment of the tournament.” 


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