Challenge predicted for Turkey against Japan, says Ebrar Karakurt


Karakurt jumps to block as her side was ready to go all the way against Japan

Rosario, Argentina, August 21, 2017 - Turkish scoring machine Ebrar Karakurt explained the team was ready for a hard match against Japan and that’s why they played with maximum emotions to achieve their well-earned 3-1 win. 

Ebrar Karakurt, Turkey player: “We all expected a hard match like this. We know that Japan is a strong opponent, we were afraid of their defence system; therefore we took this game as a truly important one. Regardless of my scoresheet, I always try to do my best for the team and luckily we did it well. I was very excited, it was a great match.”

Sahin Catma, Turkey coach: “Both teams played really well during the whole game. Japan is a very fierce team and when you are facing them you shouldn’t only care about the attack, you need to take care of the service and defence. When you receive well, you can do the other things well too. We served better than them and answered in a good way to their high-speed game.”

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Tsukasa Nakagawa, Japan player: “We know that we can win points with our technical skills. But when we make mistakes, like today, we are in trouble. We need to improve that aspect for the next matches. We always need to stay calm and keep focused on our game to win.”

Daichi Saegusa, Japan coach: “The girls played great. We made some mistakes in the last moments, mainly with the service and that's why we couldn't get the victory. We are confident that we can advance to the next round if we keep this level.”


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