Calm and confidence put Brazilians back on track


Brazilian coach Mauricio Thomas speaks to his players while Mexico's Ricardo de Jesus Naranjo looks from behind.

Santa Fe, Argentina, August 20, 2017 - Brazilian coach Mauricio Thomas stated that due to the conditions of having a very young squad with most of the players in their first international appearance, gaining confidence after this win along with calm and patience on every match, can make things go better.

Despite showing some fails in receptions, the team could serve and attack very well in order to close every set and keep the match in control.

Mauricio Thomas, Head Coach of Brazil: “We needed to make up our minds and get confidence because most of our players are giving their first steps at international level. In the first game we were really nervous, we tried to calm the team down, but it wasn't possible. It's important for the continuity of the tournament to renew our confidence and compete better. I'm happy because my players have worked a lot to make a good championship and now we're on that way. Today we attacked better even we didn't receive well and we made a lot of difference from service."

Julia Bergmann, Player of Brazil: “After a difficult start of the tournament we played very well today and is important to look ahead and keep growing. We did it very good in attack, we were more relaxed and we're happy we're growing on the tournament." 

Ricardo de Jesús Naranjo, Head Coach of Mexico: “We need to see things as they are. Brazil is a team with a lot of history and we played as equals, but when things got complicated, they have better tools to solve the situation that we still didn't develop. We're still immature and is not an excuse, we know we can play much better than we did today, but our girls are making experience. Despite the defeat, we leave the court with the tranquility that the girls are growing playing with high level teams and that's so important for Mexico."

Uxue Guereca Parra, Player of Mexico: “It was a very good match for us, we played and fight till the end, even in the last set we were so close to reach them, but we committed some mistakes and the game was gone. Is important for us because it's the first time we play with teams like Brazil or Russia, is an amazing experience for us. We know we have to keep working."


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