Belarus, a young and restless team


Belarusian players celebrate a point during their match against USA. The team coached by Natallia Melianuk has a perfect record after winning three in a row.

Santa Fe, Argentina, August 20, 2017 - Every play was very well studied by the Belarusian team, that has become the “dark horse” after their first three matches in Pool B.

For Alina Egorowa, facing the USA was another big challenge so they worked hard in order to avoid a possible tie-break after the American reaction. Will, order and determination were the good factors for Natallia Melianuk’s pupils, who have performed very well in the tournament despite their young age.

Alina Egorowa, Player of Belarus: “It was a very difficult match and we tried not to play the fifth set, fortunately we managed to avoid it and could come back in the fourth. We watched videos, statistics and now we will prepare for the following game. I felt so good and I'm so happy for this victory”. 

Natallia Melianiuk, Head Coach of Belarus: "Every match we play, we do it with the wish to win it, so we prepared for this one a lot and we believed we could do it. This team is so young but they're doing it very well so we're happy for the triumph".

Logan Eggleston, Player of USA: "I think we messed up in some plays but we were picking up entirely for every ball in the second, third and fourth set. We fought for every single point till the end. We realized today how well we can play together and I think we're going to take our good game and just bring it tomorrow to win".

Jim Stone, Head Coach of USA: "We're a very unexperienced group but hopefully in the last two sets we started to figure out how to compete against the best teams. I  think is something that the younger players need to learn, some of them never played international volleyball before and is useful for them. I hope we get the last two sets and build on that for the next matches."


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