Argentina’s Mayer praises World Champs experience so far


Victoria Mayer also stated Argentina should "quickly forget about this match"

Rosario, Argentina, August 26, 2017 - After accepting Japan did well on applying pressure on her side, Argentinean setter Victoria Mayer highlighted some of the good matches they had and confessed: “To be playing this World Championship at home is a dream.”

Victoria Mayer, Argentina player: “Japan put us in trouble with their fast game and we didn’t enter the court well. Things could have been a lot better. The best for us now is to quickly forget about this match and focus on having a good closure tomorrow. We had some very nice matches in Santa Fe; we were able to recover when we were down and that’s very positive. But anyway this World Championship has been an incredible experience, I have never seen such amazing volleyball level and to be playing it at home is a dream.”

Estanislao Vachino, Argentina coach: “I think Japan was the worst possible team to face after a match like the one we had yesterday. We struggled a lot on the first set and we again failed many times on the second one, of course a bit forced by their level. We will try tomorrow to finish this great World Championship with a victory.”

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Tsukasa Nakagawa, Japan player: “We have been starting not so well in our matches, but today we did and that’s why we could build a nice margin of points. We were always ahead on each 1st TTO and we could play from that. Besides, the crowd wasn’t a pressure for us. For tomorrow, we have to play like today - concentrated from the beginning to the end.”

Daichi Saegusa, Japan coach: “Yesterday we had lost our chances of reaching the final or any medal, but anyway we tried to recover and go for the fifth place. For that we had to play with all of our strength on the next two games and we did that today. The girls discussed after the game what to do today - we analysed Argentina of course, but there’s also merit on them for the way they played. And I don’t know really why, but the fans didn’t create a pressure on us.”


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