Argentina prevail over Brazil and hit the road to Rosario


Argentinean players and technical staff celebrate their qualification to quarterfinals.

Santa Fe, Argentina, August 23, 2017 - Argentina said good bye to Santa Fe fans with a huge victory in four sets against Brazil by scores of 22-25, 25-23, 25-17 and 25-18 with a remarkable performance by Sofia Meinardi, who scored 21 points in front of a packed stadium.

Angeles Ligorria also contributed to the stats by scoring 13 points. On the Brazilian side, Tainara Lemes tallied 13, Daniela Seibt 11 and Beatriz Pereira 10.

Argentinean services were lethal against their South American neighbors who could only ace four times against 15 by the local team. Five aces were executed by Victoria Mayer. Brazil gave up 34 points while the hosts surrendered 22 after a tough beginning.

Once again, over 4000 persons packed the stands at the National Technological University which hosted the last match played by the Argentinean team. Argentina have qualified for the quarterfinals that will be played at Newell’s Old Boys Stadium in Rosario. 

The first three points of the match were for Argentina before a timeout requested by Brazil’s coach Thomas.

For Brazil it was a difficult atmosphere to content with in the beginning with a 2-5 deficit, until they could adjust their services and put some pressure on the edge of the net that made them improve to 8-6 in the score. Brazil closed with the first set in their favour. 

The Argentineans were also leading at the start of a second set that became very tight. Brazil made some mistakes in reception and attack that gave the local team a temporary lead 10-6. 

Argentina will face the Dominican Republic in the quarterfinals, while Brazil will remain in Santa Fe to play against Poland in the round for 9th to 16th places. 


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