“A victory is always a great motivation”, Mexico’s coach Naranjo


Mexican players celebrate their first triumph in the tournament. Their next match will be against Thailand in Rosario.

Santa Fe, Argentina, August 23, 2017 - A victory in a World Championship is always a great motivation for a team, especially in an Age Group championship where young players can grow up and gain confidence, according to Ricardo Naranjo Ponce, coach of the Mexican team. 

Naranjo was born in Cuba but has been in charge of Mexican National teams several times and a victory against a representative of his homeland had a special touch.
Ricardo de Jesus Naranjo, Head Coach of Mexico: “At this level, when you play an Age Group Championship, winning is important. In a youth category, it is a key to motivation because you can gain more confidence. The girls showed a stronger attitude. We could resist and finally, claim a victory a day after a long and amazing match played in five sets (against the USA). We could win and that was something important for us.” 

Grecia Castro, Player of Mexico: “We feel great today. I think that in the set they won against us, it was because we failed a lot in reception and their blocking game controlled us, but when we put some pressure on them, they could not do anything. We were not able to do that during that set, but the most important thing was that in the end we could solve this match in our favor and we can go for more.”

Elizabeth Vicet Campos, Captain of Cuba: “Today’s match was not difficult, however, we fell in excess of confidence and could not get the best of our advantage when we were leading on the score and get out of the hole when we were down. We just could not have enough confidence in ourselves.”


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