A team is as big as its bench


Members of the Russian team hand up during their match against Korea.

Santa Fe, Argentina, August 23, 2017 - Russian player Veronika Rasputnaia recognized that the match against Korea was so difficult but fortunately the team could solve it and get into the next stage. 

But for this, a very important detail is the job done by some of the players that came off the bench in key moments. So everybody must be ready when looking for a common goal.

Veronika Rasputnaia, Player of Russia: “It was a really difficult match, but we did our best and got the win. We had some players coming off the bench and they did it very well too. It's important that all of us can help the team when necessary. We're happy for advancing to the next stage and we hope we can keep playing good and win in the quarter finals.”

Alexander Karikov Head Coach of Russia: “In some periods our players got relaxed, in the third set our players believed that they were going to win and that's why they lost their concentration. They are still young and we needed to remember them that they had to win three sets. Luckily they did it in the fourth. Now we need to know who will be our rival on the next stage to start preparing the game.” 

Kim Dahee, Player of Korea: “Russia is a really difficult rival, we got the third set and even we tried our best until the end, they were better. Now we would try hard to end as high as possible.”

Cho Wanki, Head Coach of Korea: “Russia is the European champion, they're an amazing team in reception and serve. We could win the third set but is necessary to say that they were better today. We tried to adjust our play to their tall players, so I'm happy because the team has grown and gone step by step on the competition. We took one set and is important for our confidence to face tomorrow's game. We're also very grateful to the Argentine people, they cheered for us and are always so kind.”


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