A sweet surprise even for us: Melianuk


The team of Belarus showed a solid performance since the beginning of the first set .

Santa Fe, Argentina, August 18, 2017 - Belarusian coach, Natalia Melaniuk remarked that opening with a victory against a big contender like Brazil was a great and beautiful surprise. However it was not a coincidence. 

Her team prepared a lot and trained hard for this moment and now they have to move on an think about their next opponent.

Natalia Melianuk, Head Coach of Belarus: “Of course this was also a big and good surprise, even for us. We are happy for that. We prepared very hard for this because we wanted to show our best game here." 

Yulia Kisliuk, Player of Belarus: “Preparation was hard for us. Our coach has been a good guide for us. She is the only woman coach in this tournament, and this has made a great difference. Discipline and character has helped us a lot to prepare for this competition."

Kenya Malachias, Captain of Brazil:
“In a world championship there are teams that surprise you and show you great things. Today it happened here. However I think our team has just begun in this tournament and I am pretty sure we will improve as it goes on.”

Mauricio Thomas, Head coach of Brazil: “We didn't have enough tranquility to play this game, we were nervous and we didn't receive well. Belarus was better, they have two great spikers and they had success playing with them. We need to correct our reception. I'm happy to see so many children in the stadium, is very important to have fans in the World Championship”.


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