Santa Fe


Host City: Santa Fe

Volleyball’s popularity has grown hugely in Argentina over the past few years. The men’s national team reached the London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games and in 2016 the men’s team was joined by their women’s counterparts, who qualified for their first Olympic Games.

In 1993 Rosario was the host for the FIVB Men’s U21 World Championship and in 2011 the capital Buenos Aires and Almirante were the host cities when Argentina held the Boy’s U19 World Championship.

Argentina has also hosted the FIVB World League three times; in Mar del Plata in 1999 and 2013 and in Cordoba in 2010 as well as the sports top event; the Men’s World Championship in 2002.

Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz is the capital city of Santa Fe province in northeastern Argentina. Partly surrounded by rivers, the city has waterfront walkways with cafes and views of the Puente Colgante suspension bridge.


Host Venue: The National Technological University Stadium 

The Stadium is located in the city of Santa Fe, Argentina and has hosted various sports, social and cultural events. It was built in 1980 and inaugurated in 1982. It has a capacity of 5’000 people.


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