“I expect we can celebrate again,” remarks Korea's Jiyung Jeong


Korean players during a timeout against Cuba.

Santa Fe, Argentina, August, 21, 2017 - Korean player Jiyun Jeong remarked that her team had a lot of confidence despite some troubled moments during the match against Cuba, but finished with a “W” in their column.

Jiyun Jeong, Player of Korea: “I feel I want to fly, I'm so happy. In the middle of the game we had some problems with their serve and we didn't do it well, but we overcome it and we could show what we have prepared for this tournament. I expect we can celebrate again”.

Cho Wanki, Head Coach of Korea: “One of our players got injured on the first game, but she overcome and today we could show all of our good conditions. Now we got adjusted to the time difference and Sim Miog played really good, so I feel happy for the team. It's really hard to play in World Championships with all this great teams, but now we have understood our rivals' game and we could get the victory. Now we will prepare for the following games”. 

Tomas Fernandez Arte, Head Coach of Cuba: “Korea didn't let us play. We were nervous and didn't do it well on reception and when we did, we failed on setting or attacking. We made too many mistakes and we can't play like that. We facilitated their game, they have a fast play and it was so much for us. We hope tomorrow we can play better against Argentina and bring a good show”.


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